Analysis of Joe Biden’s DNC Speech

Biden began by referring to Ella Baker, one of the influence of civil rights movement who was quoted as saying, “ Give people light and they will find a way”. He asserted that these were words meant for today’s America. He referred to President Trump as someone who had kept America in darkness for a long time now citing him as a man given to anger, fear and division.

He then went forward to clamor for American votes in the forthcoming Election claiming to be able to bring on the best of America and not the worst and be an embodiment of light and not darkness, asserting that it was time for the people of America to come together and triumph over this period of of American Darkness by choosing “…hope over fear, facts over fiction, fairness over privilege”, without the distraction of partisan politicking.

Additionally, he cited Franklin Roosevelt who committed to a new approach during a time of huge joblessness, frail future stricken with fear, health issues among other challenges which, according to him, he practically achieved. He said Franklin focused not just on winning votes of the American people, but rather on the hearts, souls and minds of Americans at that period of challenge. He also cited George Floyd issue by referring to “…knee on the neck”, in the midst of a thriving inequality, and segregation. He specifically described history as being elusive of any generation yet unborn until the material time comes to actually face it and take responsibility for it. He did mention “racial injustice”, climate change issues among-st other current issues.

Furthermore, he said Americans can either choose the road of wrath, hopelessness and greater division, “shadow and suspicion” or coming “..together, chance to heal, reborn and unite, and hope and light”. He also further referred to the coming election as “life-changing event”, that would decide the forthcoming life of Americans for a long time to come. He ably referred to ballot box as a container for “character, compassion, decency, science, and democracy”, who the country is, what they stand for, and what they want to be respectively.

Biden, did not fall short of giving statistical trends of President Trump’s Administration by reminding Americans that the country currently has over 4 million COVID-19 cases, with over 160,000 fatalities, and referred to it as the worst health incident in the whole world. He also recalled that over 40 million Americans have registered for unemployment in 2020 alone, besides over 9 million who are likely to lose their health insurance this year, not forgetting one in 6 small scale businesses on the verge of shutting down by the turn of 2020.

Nonetheless, Biden also mentioned the attack on Obama’s initiative known as “..Affordable Care Act”, which is anticipated to continue until it is reduced to ashes, through seizure of health insurance from over 19 million Americans, including over 14 million US citizens on Medicaid and people with pre-existing conditions. At this point, he acknowledged former President Obama’s efforts whilst in the oval office and thankfully referred to the experience of working with him as a rare privilege whilst being someone to actually look up to. He then made another turn to could President Trump, who, he referred to as the opposite of President Obama, reminded the American Audience that should they vote the incumbent for re-election he would be no different from what he has stood for in his first term in office. He described the current President as someone who gladly takes no responsibility, declines to show the right direction, trades blames, supports dictators, and fuels “..hate and division”, seeing the oval office as all about him and not about American citizens.

Again, Biden drew the attention of his Audience to the reported cases of COVID-19 in Canada, Europe or Japan or in other places in the World as better off handled than it currently is in America. He said the miracle Trump is waiting for in clearing the Pandemic issues will never surface as America leads the World in the number of reported cases and fatalities Worldwide, US economy in rags with the Blacks, Latino, Asian American and Native American people feeling the heaviest grunt and President Trump does not have an active plan to quell the staggering statistics against America. He said he had a plan in the working since March 2020, to produce and roll out rapid tests with outcomes availed almost immediately as well as producing needed medical instruments locally (against the odds of foreign production and shipment) for the needs of American schools and other economic sectors. He described wearing Protective masks as “..patriotic”, to be seen as a way of protecting one another.

The political challenger said he had learnt two things, firstly that loved ones lost never leave one’s heart, and secondly, that the optimal path to overcoming pain, loss and grieve is to actually discover “..purpose”. Stating that as God’s children every human being has a specific purpose. He linked this concept that the United States of America has a singular purpose to open the way of advantage to all Americans and save their democracy as well as be the light of the world. That, “..endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights to life, liberty, pursuit of happiness.” He cited his biological Father as being a role model for him talking him not to look up to Governments but rather work hard. Biden used certain keywords such as “inequality, economic, racial and environmental injustice” and qualified himself and his running mate “Kamala Harris”, with ability to champion human rights and dignity, as duets capable of rising up to the current American challenges. Voting was also capped with the slogan “..sacred Democratic exercise..”.

In a striking remark, Joe Biden reminded his American audience of the Charlottesville incident where certain Neo-Nazis and KKK so called supremacists came forth from their hideouts with race illuminations, “…veins bulging”, casting “anti-Semitic” utterances commonly heard in Europe during World war 1. He cited the reaction and response of President Trump “|..very fine people on both sides,” as very unacceptable in the light of the horrific events that took lives. He referred to the incident as a wake up call or rather put as “ to action”. In his words, “…silence is complicity…”.

He went further by speaking about George Floyd’s daughter referring to her as “..incredibly brave,” a conversation he said he would never forget. He wondered if George Floyd’s incident was to be the tipping point for the United States of America and perhaps, John Lewis was the needed dream come true. Systemic racism needs to be pull out of America’s plantations was his accent. He pointed out that beyond this “..dark”, periods in America, light can come through once again such that America can perfectly be represented in one word “..Possibilities”.

However, the words “should” be given or rather the phrase “..should be given” used frequently in Biden’s are clear indicators of a faulty system in American System as per social and racial justice and equity.

In apt conclusion, Biden quoted the historian Seamus Heany who said among several things said,”…hope and history rhyme”, and Americans needed to know that this year’s election really does make this true. Saying, “..passion, purpose, nation under God” he said.

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