Canada, Mexico Borders Shut Against United States of America

The year 2020 will surely be remembered for the rest of Humanity.

“Need to hear the joke about insulin?” goes the distressing gag about America’s medication costs. “You need to go to Canada to get it.”

In any case, as I write at the close of August, 2020, even that is impossible any longer.

Pandemic travel limitations have made Americans detainees of their nation. Indeed, even inside North America, Mexico and Canada have shut a large number of miles of fringe to everything except basic travel, annoying designs for excursion, work, and school. For desperate Americans, it has additionally sliced off admittance to meds and social insurance benefits that they can’t bear the cost of at home – when cash is more tight than any time in recent memory.

Stephanie Boland’s nine-year-old child was determined to have diabetes in December. Heading out to Canada to fill his insulin remedy took an a large portion of day’s drive from where they live in Brainerd, Minnesota, however it was justified, despite all the trouble – the buy was a basic, over-the-counter undertaking. One pack of infusion pens, which would most recent a while, cost not exactly a hundred dollars, she says, contrasted with a rundown cost of $530 at home.

As their child’s infection rewrited the schedules of day by day life, the Bolands intended to cross into Canada again to restock. At that point the pandemic hit.

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