Trump responds to Biden with Republic National Convention (RNC)

President Trump began is address by asserting America as “..One big Family”. He went further to refer to the Republican Party as the one of Abraham Lincoln and cited America as having “..righteous Hearts”. He talked about new heights of National achievement, faith in values, pride in History and a new Spirit of unity realizable through love for the United States of America.

He specifically made attribution to the United States of America as not cloak-able in darkness but rather “..torch that enlightens the entire World.

COVID:19: President Trump talked about the pandemic as“ challenge, and powerful invisible enemy” . He referred to ongoing work for life saving therapies, Vaccine by the end of 2020 or sooner, thereby defeating the virus, Pandemic and emerge stronger than ever before.

Again, he referred to America as “Blessed by God, with special purpose in this World.” In the same vein he talked about United States of America as a product of the inspiration of the Union, Abolition of Slavery, passage of Civil rights, Space program, overthrown Fascism, tyranny, and communism.

In the eleventh (11th) minute into his RNC address, he accused the Democrats of attempting to tear down the United States of America. He said the Republicans do not look up to “..Career Politicians for Salvation, Government to restore hope, but rather have faith in ALMIGHTY GOD”.

Joe Biden was categorically classified as “..not a Savior”, rather, a destroyer.

According to Trump, Joe Biden took donations from blue collar workers and gave them hugs and kisses and said he felt their pain, whist giving support to give US jobs to China.

Trump also mentioned how his administration over the past three (3) years brought sanity and financial commitment from members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) turning over over 400 Billion USD annually from the members. At this point, he reassured the crowd that he left his former profitable job to help Americans and he said, “…America First”. Trump also did not mince words to refer to Biden as being on the “…wrong side of History”, supporting NAFTA Disaster, Trade Deal disaster with with China entering the World Trade Organization (WTO), giving away one in five jobs to non Americans, which affected unemployment rates in areas such as Michigan, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania etc., and South Korea deal blunder, amnesty for illegal immigrants, Iraq war, opposed Osama bin Ladin mission, Solemi elimination. Biden was also accused of being supported by China for the polls in America so it would suite them. Joe Biden was also referred to as wanting to keep in the dark without having the slighted clue of the way out of a National situation or disaster. He further referred to Biden’s as a surrender tactic to the Pandemic rather than a “solution” to the current rampaging pandemic (virus) hitting the United States of America. Trump referred to himself or his policies (rather) as a product of United States of America, whilst Joe Biden’s as the product of China.

Trump, again mentioned Tax cuts for all working class Americans and hinted on raising tariffs on specifically China made products. “How can Biden claim to be from a party of Light or illumination whilst his Democratic party can’t keep the light’s on in Los Angeles?”, he quizzed. Not long afterwards, Trump also cited the need to abolish Abortion asserting that “..all children, born or unborn have an undeniable right to God given right of Life”.

Pledge of Allegiance: The motto included “..under God”, but Biden was referred to as a Trojan horse for socialism with the removal of what America’s founding Fathers, stood and died for.

Nevertheless, Trump threatened that in his proposed second term, he would make China accountable for the COVID-19 pandemic and make them explain why they allowed a World disaster to spread so quickly within a short space in time without taking the right proactive steps of deterrence. He also mentioned that throughout the United States of America as of August, 2020 the country has sufficient Ventilators to cater for innumerable number of Americans in this time of pandemic as a method of Defense invocation to protect American citizens. He also left a hint of a number of vaccine therapies underway as specifically mentioned “..convalescent plasma”, as one of the array of vaccination methods going on against COVID-19 alongside with a certain “..operation Wopspeed”.

Additionally, he mentioned the need to dometicate America’s source for energy independence. The Border’s were not left out as he cited his policies working against “5,000 Criminal Aliens, Asylum fraud, 20,000 gangs and over 300 mile border wall, besides appointing 300 Federal Judges, and 2 supreme court Justices.

Nonetheless, he mentioned that he has done more for African Americans and their communities than Abraham Lincoln with assurances that more was yet to come one re-elected at this juncture, his audience gave a thunderous four more years.

However, as per the middle East, specifically Israel, Trump rehearsed how relocating US embassy from Telaviv to Jerusalem was the right thing to do, whilst taking out tackling ISIS leaders such as Abu, terrorists such as Kasim Sulemi, backing off from Iranian Nuclear agreements and Afghanistan wars receptively.

However, he cited the effort made to rejuvenate the US military servicemen and their resources and welfare packages.

In conclusion, incumbent President Trump, praised the efforts of Law enforcement agents throughout United States of America and recalled the duties of one Detective Familial and captain David Doreen of St Lois who passed on whilst on active duties. He classified the demonstrators in Democratic run States (such as Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland, Chicago, New York and others by allowing Anarchists, Rioters, Looters, Flag burners and worrisome Agitators to disrupt normal city life under the guise of peaceful demonstrators. He also statistically noted that over one thousand (1,000) African Americans where murdered in 2019 alone due to violent crimes in Democratically run States in America. He accused Democrats of spying on his campaign in 2016 and called out Joe Biden as weak. Meanwhile, President Trump left a hint on America’s efforts towards 5G Internet Development and a massive Cyber Defense System under construction.

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